We are continuing to make every effort to have the malware warnings that Google is displaying removed. We have re-verified that there is no malware anywhere on any of our sites, yet Google is still displaying this warning hours after we requested it be removed.

In the short term, removing any widgets, “Honest & Ethical” badges, or coupon images from your templates will immediately prevent the malware warnings. You may also disable the Escalate Network WordPress Plugin.

To that end, we are moving all coupon images, widgets, and other tools to a different domain and will be providing you with a Find & Replace plugin to update any affected URLs automatically.

All tracking links continue to work and and offers are reporting normally. These are not affected by the malware warning, only widgets, badges, and coupon images seem to be affected.

We realize this has has a serious impact on many of you and your visitors and will continue to work through the night and find out why this happened and put measures in place to ensure it never happens again. We have no control over Google’s malware warnings, so we’re as frustrated as you are right now.

As you can imagine, we have received hundreds of emails, so I apologize for the slow response. We’re doing everything we can, but the problem is simply outside our control at this point and like many of you, we’re at Google’s mercy.

Chris Kenworthy Network Manager Escalate Network chris@escalatenetwork.com 505-750-2595