Dear Publishers,

Today, eBay Enterprise announced the rebranding of PepperJam Exchange to eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network, part of eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions.

As you may be aware, our parent company formerly GSI Commerce, went through a similar branding change in June of 2013 becoming eBay Enterprise. Today’s announcement is the next generation of that transition.

This move aligns our brand perfectly with the eBay Enterprise organization and allows us to enable connected commerce marketing solutions for our clients. Let us assure you, this means no disruption to your account management as we are growing as an affiliate organization and this rebranding strengthens our ability to provide innovation for your business.

This is an exciting time for us as over the coming months you will see less of the name PepperJam Exchange and more of eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions. We look forward to our continued relationship as this brand move will better enable us to support your performance marketing growth.

Best regards,

eBay Enterprise Marketing Solutions