Merchants Feed Documentation

Each merchant has an individual feed that contains all the coupon information available.

See a full list of merchants available thru Coupon Feed. Complete Merchant List

Field Name Description
couponType The type of coupon (Code, printable, or shopping tip)
couponData Coupon code or printable coupon link
couponDesc Coupon description
couponIsFeatured Is coupon featured (Yes/No)
couponCreatedDate Date coupon was added
couponExpiration Date coupon expires

XML Feed Structure

   <title>Store Name</title>
   <link>Store Link</link>
   <pubDate>Date Added</pubDate>
   <description>Coupon Description</description>
   <– Start Coupon — >
   <couponType>Coupon Type</couponType>
   <couponData>Coupon Code</couponData>
   <couponDesc>Coupon Description</couponDesc>
   <couponIsFeatured>Is Coupon Featured (Yes/No)</couponIsFeatured>
   <couponCreatedDate>Coupon Added Date</couponCreatedDate>
   <couponExpiration>Coupon Expiration Date</couponExpiration>
   <– End Coupon — >