Hello :)

CityChicOnline.com have asked all affiliates to stop using coupon codes, if you have done this then thank you so much. If you are still promoting citychiconline.com and using a coupon as a means to incentivize a visitor, then please remove this now, you are really not helping my cause to show CityChicOnline.com how valuable coupons are here in the USA, when used properly.

CityChicOnline.com just want to assess the impact of sales without the use of a coupon for the month of June only. This is an assessment period, I want to be able to show citychiconline.com that without sensible issuing of coupons, sales and new customers will be significantly reduced and will have a negative impact on their program.
I cant do this unless I get your full cooperation and you know who you are.

I hope to have good news with regards to re-issuing coupons in mid July, Id like to personally thank you for your patience and understanding.
Any questions, drop me a line.
Jessica at thenoisefarminc.com