Commission Factory API Released

March 17th, 2013


After many months (and continued requests!), we are finally releasing our first ever API. We have collaborated with several key affiliates and merchants in various verticals to understand what they need, and what they’ve been missing from other networks’ APIs. This has allowed us to bring you a comprehensive and functional system.


An API (or Application Programming Interface) provides access to many functions that you can use to interact with our system and data. You can use it to extend the services of our network, or to ease the management of data into your own systems and software.


Our tech savvy members now have the ability to add the services of Commission Factory to their own software, plugins, and apps. This opens the way to extend our functionality to native WordPress plugins, smartphone and tablet apps, and more tightly integrated shopping cart solutions. Smart tools and plugins are on the way, and our API means that we can open up this development to our members or other third party partners and developers.


To get started right away:

– Log in to your account
– Go to your Account Settings
– Proceed to the API Keys section in the sidebar
– Generate a new API key

Once you have generated an API key, head over to our Developer API Documentation to get started.

Talk soon,

The Commission Factory Team

eBay Partner Network – Update to Domain Requirements Coming January 23rd!

January 17th, 2013

As a member of our program, you’re probably aware of our policies regarding domain registration and validation. For some, those requirements meant a bit of extra work, and for others it meant you weren’t able to participate in our program at all. Today, we’re excited to announce a couple of significant positive changes that will begin rolling out on January 23rd.

Mobile Domain Registration

In the past, we’d asked all publishers to register their domains with us in order to be paid on mobile traffic. As of January 23rd, you’ll receive compensation on all mobile traffic regardless of the domain being registered, and will see data on mobile traffic in your dashboard shortly thereafter.

Domain Validation

As part of our program we’ve always required publishers to show proof of domain ownershipby validating their websites. Unfortunately, that meantsites hosted on platforms like Blogger or were not eligible to participate in our program. We’re pleased to announce that on February 20th, that restriction will be lifted. From that date you’ll be able to use third-party blog platforms to host your content and promote eBay.

Let’s Make it Easier

Over the last few months, you’ve heard us talk a bit about our V.O.T.E.S. strategy for 2013. We have made a commitment to make things as easy and efficient as possible for our publishers and this was the first step. Over the coming months we’ll continue to evaluate our existing policies and procedures and streamline them as much as possible to make it easier to participate in our program.

We’re excited about these two new changes and we hope you are too. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Support Team for assistance.

Thank you for your partnership in our program!

eBay Partner Network Team

Malware Warnings Gone (Escalate Network)

January 4th, 2013

It’s after 1:00AM here in Chicago and our team has been working non-stop since Noon CT yesterday. I’d like to provide you with a quick update on where things stand with Thursday’s malware warnings. The short and sweet news is THE MALWARE WARNINGS FROM GOOGLE ARE GONE. We’ll provide a full post-mortem tomorrow, but wanted to share a little more info with you tonight.

Today’s events were completely unacceptable and we realize they had a direct impact on your business and was more than just an inconvenience. We were as frustrated as you and received over 600 emails sharing that frustration. Unfortunately, it was something that was entirely outside of our control. We were at Google’s mercy. But we did not sit helplessly by. I know many of you can sympathize with that feeling.

At no point today were any of your visitors at risk of being infected by any malicious software. We are still investigating why Google flagged the domain used to host widgets, coupon images, and badges as malware. But we are very confident no malware exists on any of our sites.

We understand you may be hesitant to share our links with your visitors, but please know that none of our tracking links were affected. Only the coupon widget, coupon images, and referral badges generated malware warnings. I want you to feel confident in sharing coupons and offers with your visitors.

Moving forward, we will be migrating the coupon images to their own dedicated domain. In addition, we will move the widgets and other tools to a new domain to minimize the risk of anything like this ever happening again. We are confident these changes will prevent future situations like the one today, but would encourage you to wait until those changes are complete to re-implement any widgets or coupon images.

As I mentioned, we realize today’s events had a major impact on many of you and while it was completely outside of our control, we will do everything in our power to regain your confidence and trust and use the lessons we learned to create an even stronger platform for you and your site. We’d like to thank you for your support and continued partnership. We’re committed to making 2013 a successful year.

Chris Kenworthy
General Manager – Escalate Network

Re: Malware Warnings (Escalate Network)

January 3rd, 2013

We are continuing to make every effort to have the malware warnings that Google is displaying removed. We have re-verified that there is no malware anywhere on any of our sites, yet Google is still displaying this warning hours after we requested it be removed.

In the short term, removing any widgets, “Honest & Ethical” badges, or coupon images from your templates will immediately prevent the malware warnings. You may also disable the Escalate Network WordPress Plugin.

To that end, we are moving all coupon images, widgets, and other tools to a different domain and will be providing you with a Find & Replace plugin to update any affected URLs automatically.

All tracking links continue to work and and offers are reporting normally. These are not affected by the malware warning, only widgets, badges, and coupon images seem to be affected.

We realize this has has a serious impact on many of you and your visitors and will continue to work through the night and find out why this happened and put measures in place to ensure it never happens again. We have no control over Google’s malware warnings, so we’re as frustrated as you are right now.

As you can imagine, we have received hundreds of emails, so I apologize for the slow response. We’re doing everything we can, but the problem is simply outside our control at this point and like many of you, we’re at Google’s mercy.

Chris Kenworthy Network Manager Escalate Network 505-750-2595

Malware Warnings (Escalate Network)

January 3rd, 2013

It was brought to our attention a couple hours ago that some users were receiving Malware Warnings from within their browsers from the domain which hosts our widgets and coupon images. These warnings are originating from Google and unfortunately we have no control over this. We have reached out to every Google contact we have to have these warnings removed, but it’s taking longer than expected. Removing our widget should get rid of the errors in the short-term.

We have verified that there is absolutely no malware on our site, the warning is coming from Google. We’re extremely sorry for the inconvenience, but it’s something that is outside our control and we’re doing everything we can to have the warnings removed.

Chris Kenworthy Network Manager Escalate Network 505-750-2595

Important Updates for PJX Publishers

October 16th, 2012

Network Update: Transaction Details Report

The following updates have been made to the Transaction Details Report with PepperJam Exchange.

To make the SID report more accessible, a new column has been populated in your Transaction Details Report with “SID Details”. You will no longer have access “SID Report” previously available in the interface and instead should be using the “SID Details” column.

This new Transaction Details Report update is available within the interface and also via our API.

PJX – Exclusive Coupon Feature

This new feature allows advertisers to create exclusive coupon codes, issue them to publishers, and eliminate other publishers from receiving commissions from the code.

The code will be truly exclusive to the publisher it was created for and all orders from that code would be credited to that specific publisher, regardless of which affiliate tracking link the consumer clicks through. No extra work is required on your end! Canadian Affiliate Network

October 1st, 2012

AvantLink Launches Canadian Affiliate Network on 7th Anniversary

Today we are pleased to announce that is open for business! is the first Canadian affiliate network consisting of programs exclusively for Canada’s retail market, complete with all the perks and features found on All Canadian programs fall under AvantLink’s strict quality guidelines and publishers will have access to the same, standardized tool set.

PJ: Update on Network Access Issues

September 10th, 2012

Update on Network Access Issues

We are writing to report that during the hours of 2:30 p.m., and 6:30 p.m. (EDT), some of our valued publishers experienced intermittent access disruption to PepperJam Exchange’s network technology.

We have procedures in place to address this issue which allowed us to keep these disruptions to a minimum and all occurrences have since, been resolved.

We take this matter seriously and understand the challenges it presented to your business today. PepperJam Exchange stands with you to support your business. If we can be of assistance to you regarding today’s issue, please contact me at 877.796.5900 or email me at Additionally, you can contact our Senior Director of Publisher Development, Allison Fox at


Michael Jones
General Manager and Co-Founder, PepperJam Exchange

Important note from FluxAds!

October 3rd, 2011

On Friday, September 30, 2011, we were alerted that someone was attempting to pass a forged FluxAds check through our checking account. Over the course of the day, we were subsequently alerted to at least two more attempts at different banks across the nation. At this time, it appears that an individual or individuals who has received a check from us in the last 90 days is attempting a well-know scam by which a random recipient of a check is requested to cash or deposit the (forged) check and then return a portion of the money as a “processing fee” or similar charge.

As a result, we ask your patience as we will be unable to process affiliate checks or wire payments for a few days while we secure our assets and attempt to shut down further fraud.

In the meantime, If you have any information on this theft, or have experienced a similar theft, we would request that you contact:

Detective Kenneth Lawrance
San Diego County Sheriff’s Department
182 Santar Place
San Marcos, CA 92069

James Leasure

Google Affiliate Network: Information Regarding Saved Reports

September 21st, 2011

We have recently updated our Google Affiliate Network platform, which includes the reporting functions. If you’d like to continue receiving any automatic reports, you will need to create a new ‘saved report’ in the interface. To do this, navigate to the ‘Reports’ tab, select the filters and timeframe you’d like to receive, and click ‘Save this report’.


You’ll be presented with a screen where you can enter the name you’d like to use for the report, delivery frequency, and delivery method. Note that in addition to being able to receive Saved Reports via email, we now also support FTP delivery.